How it works in 8 steps

1.step – Fill in online get a quote
We will get back to you within 2 working days after the quote submission. We advise you to call us as the quotation is more precise.

2.step – Receive our free medical advice
You will receive an evaluation from our doctor as well as the first available dates and the total cost of your treatment abroad. Remember that the prices are same or lower than you get by contacting the clinic directly

3.step – Pay Deposit
To confirm that you want to undergo the procedure you will have to pay the initial deposit (credit card, PayPal, Bank transfer)

4.step – Choose your accommodation
We can arrange your accommodation in one of our cooperating hotels and apartment houses.

5.step – Enjoy personal assistance
Personal assistance and a transfer for the first appointment is included in the base price. All transfers between airport/hotel/clinic and a mobile phone with Czech sim-card can be ordered extra.

6.step – Have your medical treatment
We will make sure that your treatment is as smooth as possible. During your stay, you will visit the clinic several times. During your free time, you can enjoy the beautiful Prague.

7.step – Return safely home
After your final medical check-up, you can return home. After you return home, we are still available to he

8.step – Aftercare service
You are still in contact with us, and we are ready to answer any questions or to advice you recovery methods most suitable for you.

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