Luxury Services in Austrian Clinic in Prague – Joints replacement included



  • At the beginning: email us your current X-ray or MRI pictures and medical report.
  • Then your medical case will take over the center of the doctor’s counseling and we will email you back immediately all the specifications including the name of the doctor who will be responsible for your treatment.
  • Based on the results, the final cost of the treatment will be determined.
  • Setting and booking the date of surgery and the date of arrival
  • Airport limousine service transfer – we need to know your flight number
  • Preoperative consultation on the basis of the submitted document.
  • Preoperational examination of the therapist, laboratory tests analysis, X-ray, swabbing the nose and throat, OPG X-ray (teeth), dental examination, consultation with an anesthesiologist.
    It is necessary to identify a possible source of hidden inflammation and eliminate it, to avoid unintended negative consequences of surgery and possible implant rejection.
  • Hospitalization for 7 days in a double room with a bathroom, fridge, TV, and internet.
  • Surgery (duration 180 ́) under general anesthesia.
  • Brands of implants we use: Zimmer(standard), Biomet(standard), Lima(extra), Matys (extra) or Johnson & Johnson(extra)
  • The operating surgeon decides which implant will be used for each patient individually: on the basis of the personal examination of the physical condition of the patient, the way of his life, evaluation of joint mobility and amplitude and bone mineralization.
  • 3-times meal with a choice of 5 dishes.
  • Medications, supplies, and blood products.
  • Daily control visits of the orthopedist, final examination.
  • Final medical statement for further observation in English.
  • Airport limousine service transfer
  • Language support of the concierge, every working day 1-2h, assistance with examination and during the operation.



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