5 Days of First-Class Rehabilitation for Free

5 Days of First-Class Rehabilitation for Free

The first days after the joint replacement, everybody feels strange by walking, some kind like a Robocop. You are not sure how much weight you can put on and in which situation is proper to be very careful.
So that why the most often patients pay attention for too much and their muscles and tendons become weak, then the whole process of recovery can take many months.

After intensive rehabilitation in Mavazinky Rehabilitation Clinic, the patient can walk and return to the rhythm of independent life in 14-21 days. Or for couple more months refer to helping a family or a friend who serves basic human needs. There are several times higher risk of health complications, injuries, and infections when you ” go home ” straight after the surgery.

From the years of our experiences with the patients, who think that ” They can’t afford the professional rehabilitation ” we began to offer a 5 days rehabilitation free.
We stay with you with the professional support in the first 5 days after joint replacement. The price remains the same – It is absolutely unique in Medical Tourismus Industry!!!
You can feel the powerful background you have in VAMED Mediterra.

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