The difference between stem cells and platelet rich plasma

Platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapy are continuously studied for their regenerative benefit in sports medicine and chronic pain treatment.

PRP injections and stem cell therapy are new chances for life-changing treatments of joints.
But how is the difference between them?
For PRP injections, a physician uses the patient’s own blood to separate platelets in a centrifuge. The platelets are then re-injected into the injured area, releasing growth factors that promote natural tissue healing.

Stem cell therapy is an entirely different process of extracting rejuvenating cells. For the method, stem cells from either bone marrow or fat tissue used in conjunction with platelets. Stem cells from bone marrow, called autologous mesenchymal, produce cartilage and typically used in treating arthritic conditions and sports injuries. Stem cells from fat tissue are utilized with platelets to heal an osteoarthritic joint, for example, to regrow cartilage.

Highly recommended in these impressions:
– Tendonitis
– Rotator cuff tears
– Osteoarthritis
– Spine conditions
– Arthritic Joints
– Overuse injuries
– Inflammation from a herniated disc

Please share with us the positive or negative experience.

One reply to “The difference between stem cells and platelet rich plasma

  1. Thank you this is helpful, I do lots of research on my own in my late fifties. Diagnosed in the 3rd stage of arthritis, sometimes in pain, trying to avoid knee replacement.
    Does somebody have a good experience here in EU? Pls share

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